Environment Friendly

considers environment, health and safety of the visitors.

Enhances Aesthetic Value

enhances the aesthetic value of the premises.

Color Options

Available in various color combinations, finishing and patterns.

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Matting Heroes

We are constantly Innovating to bring in Improvised Product for better Safety & Clean Indoor Environment, Keeping the Aesthetic Value Intact. Ecosys Co. Ltd is an Expert Manufacturer of Entrance Mats in South Korea - Concealed & Exposed

Owing to the Product Development – we Lead in the Entrance Mat in Asia. Wilmat is easy to Clean & Maintain, Ensuring Safety against tripping, and avoiding accidents. Made with Aluminum, EPDM Rubber & Carpet, depending on the usages and the area it is being used for.

Scrapes off Dirt & Dust

Wilmat having EPDM Rubber & Carpet - scrapes off 80%, Dirt & Dust accumulates Soil,
Dirt & Dust at one place and limits the Cleaning Area reducing the time & expenses,
Creating Pleasant Indoor environment.

Ease of Cleaning

When Cleaning , Wilmat can be Rolled like a carpet, remove the dust at the Bottom,
with vacuum Cleaner or Brooms, and can again be placed back.

Minimal & Fast

If the carpet gets Dirty, It can easily be Cleaned with Water pressure and Mild Detergent.

Prompt Service Support

Prompt after sales service & support for the replacement of carpet when required.

Various Color Options

Available in various color combinations, finishing and patterns.


  • Material:
  • Aluminium Alloy Bar + EPDM Rubber + Carpet
  • Dimension:
  • Width-27mm, Height-10mm/16mm
  • Weight:
  • 10mm - 15Kg/m2, 16mm - 22Kg/m2
  • Temperature:
  • -40 ~ 140 Degree Centigrade
  • Ultraviolet Rays:
  • EPDM Rubber has strong resistance to UV rays
  • Durability:
  • Excellent
  • Life of Wilmat:
  • Aluminium Bar - (Semi Permanent) + Rubber (Years) + Carpet (Depending on Traffic)
  • Carpet:
  • Walking Carpet - bearing the scrapping and water absorption properties.

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